Hazel Slade

- the former mining village in Staffordshire

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Prominent Families

From the period 1872 until demolition in 1969 at any one time the village contained as many as 500 residents living in the 150 terraced dwellings. (Albert Street, Rugeley Road, Cannock Wood Street, Cross Street & Chapel Street)


The society has researched over 100 family trees of those residents, many dating back into the early 1800’s. The majority of those families have been occupiers of the old Hazel Slade village and Rawnsley.


A comprehensive list has been prepared, detailing each occupier living in every house in decades from 1880. Anyone who has a connection with the area is welcome to contact the society researcher for support and detailed information.


Members of the Society are also at liberty to receive direct help in preparing their own family trees, and we have a dedicated team of experienced members willing to give support and advice.


Extended families of many former residents are now spread around the World and we are particularly happy to advise those abroad who would wish to learn of the village history.


Hazel Slade has always been a friendly village with its own proud and independent nature, within a beautiful setting in a recognised “Area of Outstanding Beauty”.