Hazel Slade

- the former mining village in Staffordshire

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Other Famous Faces

We are very fortunate that this small mining village and its locality have produced or developed over the years so many well known residents. Here are just a few of those found so far.


If you have any other names or additional details you feel should be included, please contact us:


In no particular order  ...


Staff Sergeant Major Benjamin Phillips MBE – Awarded the Military Medal in last war for bravery


Harry Morris – Local Councillor for 20 years and a Methodist Preacher.


Redvers (Buller) Davis – 2nd World War - South Staffs Regimental Sergeant Major.


John Martin - Military Medal, Sapper Royal Engineers died in the 1st World War.


Harry Statham - Queen Victoria’s Groundsman at Osborne House, Isle of Wight.


Alfred Paget – Marquis of Anglesey - once the richest man in the Country.


Jurek Piaseski - Entrepreneur and former Chairman of a National chain of Jewellers.


Williamson Family – Mine Managers & Inventors.


Derek Davis OBE – Local Councillor for 40 years.


Ron Haywood – Pilot Warrant officer in RAF – awarded Conspicuous Gallantry Medal for Bravery and who died in service in the 2nd World War.


James Thompson – Staffordshire’s first Victoria Cross hero – Lived close by.


Charles Land - Royal Navy - Commander of several 2nd World War Ships and Chairman of the Directors of East Cannock Colliery.


Major Alfred Williams DCM - Royal Tank regiment - honoured for bravery in 1937 in the Khyber Pass.


Lt-Col William Burnett DSO - From 1902 until 1914 manager of Cannock Wood Colliery. Lived in Rawnsley House, Hazel Slade. Killed in gallant action 1916.