Hazel Slade

- the former mining village in Staffordshire

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The village has a thriving Local History Society and they meet on a regular basis at the “Slade” pub. Why don’t you join us? Be part of our exciting society, helping to recount our substantial history (particularly our Horse Racing and Mining Heritage).


Family history is also a very important part of our work and we have currently researched in excess of 150 Hazel Slade families (1841 – 1970). We are already sharing this information with members throughout the World.


The Society is currently preparing a book on the history of the village and it's people. This should hopefully be available in the early part of 2015. We will the keep the website updated with details of this exciting project. Keep popping back for more information or get in touch via the contact page.




Derek Davis

The Slade Pub

Map c.1922

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